WHEN: Thursday, July 14th, 2022
TIME: 7pm- EST
WHERE: Virtual Zoom
COMMUNITY: Private Facebook Group

WHEN: Thursday July14th, 2022
TIME: 7pm- EST
WHERE: Virtual Zoom
COMMUNITY: Private Facebook Group

This Effective Communication Masterclass is designed to provide you with structure, tools and practices to enhance the why you communicate to yourself and others. 

During this Breaking Free Workshop You will...

✓ Unlock your Inner Potential & learn some tools of how to let go of negative thoughts
​✓ Learn to how to have a Sit Down
✓ ​Discover the important of  Body Language
​✓ Interact with a group of like minded and motivated individuals.
⚠️ WARNING... following this advice could lose you friends😧...
And not following it could lose your Integrity 😧😧...
💭So what do you choose?
Unfortunately far too often, people choose the later.
* What if you could use your voice and speak your mind without the fear of losing relationships?
* What if you could finally have those conversations without being afraid of “What they will think”.
* What if you no longer had to swallow what you want to say because of "FEAR" of what if? Would you follow it?
Good! Join me on my mission to help transform one million minds by changing taking my "JUST ONE THOUGHT AWAY" challenge.
Changing how you approach that important conversation is just one thought away. That's right, you are just one thought away from Breaking Free from all the FEAR, STRESS and ANXIETY around having effective communication... And actually can flip that around to strengthening your relationships, 😊 not lose them.
Thank you for sharing your gift with me! Know that not only have you touched my life but also the lives of the people I interact with because of my tools and mindset!
Namaste my sister! - Teresa
"Maria…my therapist fired me, lol!! She can't believe my transformation in only 10 weeks with your Program!! I've always wanted but never believed!! I am loving it, breathing it and leading by example!" - Kristen
 This actually changed my life! This is success... 
- Nikki, body positive influencing powerhouse mom

See you on the inside. We care about your whole life

Maria Ingardia-Brody, Sheila Brody, and Maureen Brody

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